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eSeeCode was created with only one purpose, to help teaching programming in schools.

This is Jacobo

This is Jacobo, a technology enthusiast and the creator of eSeeCode. He works hard in any job he does, and even stays up late nights to have everything ready for other teachers at the school where he is currently employed! He is also a Computer Science teacher, teaching robotics to young kids (age 10) and programming to 12-16 year olds.

You can check his linkedIn profile here. Or e-mail him at

And this is Joan, guardian of the philosophy of eSeeCode. He has been teaching programming and computer science to teenagers longer than I can remember (10 years). He likes competitive programming, he has been team leader for the spanish team at the International Informatics Olympiad, and he loves games. For instance he was the spanish champion of Go in 2010.

You can check his linkedIn profile here. Or e-mail him at

This is Joan

Together they are working to make their project a reality. But let me tell you a little more about eSeeCode.